November 4, 2015

hedge fun

Now that the weather has cooled off here in southern California, I can spend more time out in my garden.   I have always been a fan of neatly manicured semi-formal gardens.  There’s nothing quite like the color green that is drawn from nature.  The green hedges, plants and trees are so soothing and the variations in their tone really create a peaceful sanctuary.  Here is a snippet {no pun intended} of some of my favorite gardens that inspire me to get out in my own garden and create a little secret oasis.  When the day gets tough, it’s always great to get out and be at peace with nature.  To help me create fanciful orbs and spires, I rely on my new battery powered GreenWorks hedge trimmers.  It's so fun and easy to use.  This tool puts me in control of my design!  Another gardener could not capture my true vision for my little sanctuary in green.  Edward Scissorhands, watch out! 

ciao! fabiana

images via garden 

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