July 10, 2012

going dutch

Dutch Doors 
are so homey, welcoming and practical. 

Here's a little collection of my favorites...

ciao! fabiana


  1. I love this post. I wouldn't mind having any one of those doors. Dutch doors have always been a dream of mind.

  2. Hi Fabiana, thanks for stopping by in my blog and commenting on the empanadas. I am your newest follower. I love your blog!

  3. Hi from another Newport Beach, north of Sydney, Australia. I've just discovered your gorgeous blog. Your style perfectly suits my Newport Beach too.

  4. Want, want, want! I SO want a dutch door!
    Thanks for the great images.

    SoLong Farm.blogspot.com

  5. Oh, Dutch doors are my absolute favorite ... thanks for the beautiful images! Thank you so much for stopping by today ... I will follow back!!

  6. I am CRAZY for dutch doors. Someday I will work them into a home design...maybe on my dreamhouse...a little seaside bungalow. Thanks for dropping by RuedeEmily! I will follow you as well...we Italian girls have to stick together! :)

  7. Love the dutch doors! Thanks for sharing and stopping by, Laura

  8. I used to live in Corona Del Mar, 430 Acacia and used to have a dutch door. It was a sweet vintage 1930's cottage. Sadly, the last time we went to drive by, it was torn down along with the one next to it, and was rebuilt into a tall skinny. The house number was changed when they merged the two properties. Booo. Oh well, progress?

  9. Dutch doors have a fairy tale quality about them!
    All of these examples are dreamy!
    thanks for sharing them.
    let's see... if I had a dutch door, it would be the one going out of my kitchen into the screened in porch area.

    I like this inspiration, Pat


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