July 6, 2012

the botanical building at balboa park

One of the highlights of my visit to San Diego was visiting the Botanical Building at Balboa Park. It was built for the 1915 Exposition and is one of the largest lathe structures in the world. It’s located at the end of the lily pond and is a breathtaking example of what I would call Victorian garden architecture. 

The building contains more than 2100 plants, including some of my favorites liked orchids, cycads and begonias.

This is the lily pond looking towards
the main buildings that are built in
a beautifully ornate Spanish style.

The stunning interior is so calming and peaceful. 

A huge staghorn fern.



I really liked all the diverse varieties of begonia.

Can you spot the hummingbird?

Stop by and check it out
next time you're in San Diego.

It's right next to the San Diego Zoo!

ciao! fabiana

1 comment:

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love a botanical garden....anywhere. I lived in San Diego for one year, and never went. By the looks of these photos, I missed out.

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