September 9, 2011


A little pink will tickle your soul and
put a smile on your face!

And now Pink is everywhere
especially on pinterest! 

There are some incredible fashion essentials out here
and so many ways to brighten up your living spaces, 
that "pinking it up" is now easier than ever.  

Are you tickled pink yet? 

Click here for yes!

ciao! fabiana


  1. Beautiful selections here. I haven't gotten into Pinterest yet, but it looks like there are a lot of opportunities to see a lot of inspiring pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this pretty pink post! The Paris picture is on my Pinterest Board too!

    I would love it if you could pop by my blog and see my favourite pins and link up your pink post to my Pinterest Linky Party!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  3. Fabulous pinks!!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. Such marvlous pink! Beauty for sure.

  5. Love it!!! I'm Pinning it ALL on my Pinkalicious Board AND I'm featuring this post on my blog today! With a link and wink back to you of course!

  6. I love the pink bikes, the pink sideboard and dresser and the refrigerator. I haven't taken the time to get hooked on Pinterest yet...but I a membership.

    Pink Sparkles,
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥

  7. I love all the pink! Especially the pink coat, the pink phone, the fridge! Ooh la la!!

  8. Gorgeous!

    Hope you can peek at my PINK post, have a blessed Sunday!

  9. I love pink!

    I am doing a little makeover for my daughters bedroom... you should come over and see her little sweet pink curio cabinet... I think it is pinkalicious!

  10. Lovely! Feeling tickled pink right about now!

  11. This is a great collection of pink things. As I always say, when in doubt, pink is always the right choice :o)

  12. I love pink and I loved looking through these pictures.... I totally want that pink payphone!!

  13. Every Girl love a little pink!! Just stopping over from SWW. Thanks for the cheriful pink color on a rainy, dreary day!

  14. Where did you find that beautiful pink coat?! That is gorgeous!

  15. Thanks so very much for joining in with my weekly Pinning and Singing Pinterest Party. I am so thrilled that you joined in and shared these very special pink pins! They are all gorgeous!

    This week’s Linky party is on now so please come and check out my favourite pins for the week if you have 5 minutes to spare!

    Best wishes and happy pinning!
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  16. OMG! Love all your selections. Who makes that coat? It is fabulous!!

  17. I love the picture of the car with the packages on top. Did you get this from pinterest? Would you mind me using it for my facebook page Pelican Courtyard? We are having a pink month in honor of Valentines day and this picture is so cute. I would love to give your blog credit for it. my email is

  18. Pink pink and pink I love each and everything you share.

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