July 9, 2011

the royal newlyweds visit California

Prince William and Katherine, 
the Duchess of Cambridge arrived 
in Los Angeles yesterday. 

The locals are so excited, 
and the news channels are doing a great job 
of respectfully covering their visit. 

They started their visit in Beverly Hills 
and then headed to Hancock Park for a reception.  

Today, they are in Santa Barbara where 
the Prince will be playing in 
a charity polo match. 

Their tour of North America has come to an end...
we'll miss you William and Kate!

ciao! fabiana

Photo credits:
 Just Jared 
LA Times
 Hollywood Life
 Vancouver Sun


  1. Thank you for this very nice tour with the Royal couple. I had not seen these shots.

  2. It's as if YOU are at the party Fabiana!

    Can't believe how old Jerry Brown looks ~ he was the mayor of Oakland when I lived in the Bay Area right before I moved to the South.

    Thanks for the photos ~ fun! Oh, and as always thank you for your visit to my blog.

    Ciao ragazza,

  3. The royals look so happy. Great share! Enjoy the weekend. Anne

  4. love this! They are a sweet couple, I hope things go well for them.
    Where do you get all your photos?
    Happy Pink Saturday ~

  5. her dresses are gorgeous!she looks so chic!

  6. Thanks for the photos. They are so glamourous !

  7. Love these photos! Everyone looks fabulous especially Kate. Her dresses are always so chic and beautiful!


  8. Looking at these lovely photos they look like such a sweet couple. They are both so handsome and beautiful and chic. I hope they have a happy life together. Thanks for putting together this fun post.

  9. Shes so pretty. I love that purple dress shes wearing. She has great simple but elegant style. LOVE her!

  10. Wow! I saw that they were the states, but I didn't realize just how much they'd be doing! Kate's dresses are really pretty.

    Thank you for signing up to follow my blog! :)

  11. Oh that was a delightful tour with the gorgeous coupple thank you. i enjoyed it so much i am going back for another look!


  12. Thank you so much for posting those photos. I was so busy all weekend that I missed seeing much of the couple's visit to California. I loved seeing Kate's outfits. I liked all of them that you showed. Now Jennifer Lopez' outfit looked like a hot mess.

  13. this was a great post! I just moved to Monterey from SoCsl and I am so bummed I missed their visit. No coverage on our local news like they do in LA! But your post got me all caught up and even more smitten with my new style icon Catherine!

  14. Thanks for sharing! I think they are a great couple, down to earth and will be great ambassadors for the monarchy....Kate looks beautiful!!

  15. They make a very adorable couple! Thanks for the photo tour Fabiana!

    p.s. I'm posting some bull photos on Friday, and I had my shop debut yesterday! Have a great week sweetie!

  16. Loved seeing all these photos!

  17. Thanks for posting these photos. I hadn't seen any from when they were in CA.

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  18. The mint green dress that Kate is wearing is beautiful!!!

  19. Hi: I love all your pictures. It was a great time watching them visit. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  20. They make such a lovely couple, don't they? Thanks, Fabiana, for sharing the news at Time Travel Thursday. I would love to have you join the party each week.

    By the way, thanks for following. I just joined you, as well, and will be featuring you tonight. Stop by for a peek.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  21. great post! wish i lived in cali and was a movie star, i would love to meet them :)

    wonderful pictures, thanks for the updates!!

  22. Oh it is so nice to meet you! Newport beach is my favorite beach in Southern Ca. It is where I would want to live if I lived down south. But I love the empty foggy beaches of Northern Ca. better. Can you believe I didn't even know that William and Kate were here! I haven't been paying attention to the news or tv for that matter, except to watch the Bachelorette on Monday nights! This is a wonderful post. I loved seeing them. They are just a beautiful beautiful couple. I am now a follower and will be back to visit. Oh, and yes do try the homemade Biscotti...you can add sliced almonds or chocolate chips too if you like. It is so good!!!! ox

  23. just a note to let you know that i am featuring your post this week on fridays unfolded...have a wonderful weekend!

    stuff and nonsense

  24. What a wonderful post!!!! Thank you for sharing this. I must have missed all this fabulosity while being super busy :)


  25. Amazing photos of the Duchess, Love your blog!


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