March 7, 2016

mantel Monday

I am so excited to be participating in the latest “Project Design” coming up this Friday.  The theme is “How To Style Your Spring Mantel Two Ways!” Pictured above is a sneak peek of my two Spring mantels. Here is the list of fabulous bloggers that will be sharing their amazing mantel décor.

Amber B. Design Studio
classic • casual • home
Dimples and Tangles
Garden Home and Party
Lisa Mende Design
Lucy Williams Interiors
Rough Luxe Lifestyle
The Pink Pagoda
Check out #ProjectDesignNow on Instagram 
for sneak peeks all week!!

I found a little Spring mantel inspiration from BHG and House Beautiful that gave me a little direction with my own mantel.  A fabulous mirror is a great way to start decorating a mantel, any time of year.  Fresh flowers are especially  nice for Spring. Go on from  there with candles, books, and layers of your favorite things.

We'll all be sharing our two “Project Design” mantel designs this Friday, March 11th, so make sure you check back and see the whole group’s mantel décor!  I am looking forward to pinning all the beautiful mantels by these talented design bloggers on Friday! 

 and now we segue on to Downton...
Downton's mantel}

a few of my favorite Downton quotes from last night.
"We didn't always think we'd get a happy ending for Edith,"  -- Lady Rosamonde

"We're sisters and sisters have secrets." — Lady Mary
"Don't be mysterious. It's the last resort of people with no secrets." — Violet
Happily ever after for Mary too!

ciao! fabiana


  1. I cannot wait to see your mantle designs. I loved your sneak peek! I almost shared several of the same mantlescapes! Good thing I changed a few up!!

  2. I am going to miss Downton abbey so much....

  3. Have fun with your mantel project! And yes, whatever will we do on Sunday evenings without dear Downton Abbey? I'm having withdrawals!

  4. I love these sneak peeks!! I also loved your style tips and I have some of those same mantel images pinned. Adding the things you love is such a great idea. Looking forward to Friday!

  5. I loved the last episode of DA! I thought they did such a good job of wrapping everything up - and of course, poor Edith getting a happy ending finally was great! I laughed and cried through the whole thing. I will really miss the show!



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