September 2, 2015

#rhony reunion show

I loved the Real Housewives of New York this season,
and I think I may be having withdrawals now that it's over.  

I thought Sonja was quite funny 
and hurray for her with the launch of her clothing line, finally!

Dorinda was a great addition this season, 
especially her time with Carole in London.

I've always been a fan of Carole's .
She's so chic! And I love her apartment!

Ramona was much more relatable this season.
Usually, I'm so terrified of her! 

Luann redeemed herself with the
"Be cool, don't be like... uncool" comment. 
Memorable and funny.

I warmed up to Bethenny throughout the season, 
but Heather was a pain in the a$$ and thank goodness
she is finally retiring the "Hollah!" which reminds me of
challah bread, for some reason, so that's weird.

Kristen didn't have much to offer this season or at the reunion...
and what was with that Rapunzel hair?  I don't get it!

Who were your faves this year?

ciao! fabiana

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