June 10, 2014

pretty display options for storing jewelry

the earring and ring box
Stella & Dot has just made these fabulous jewelry display pieces available to the public, and they are so pretty!  Made with a khaki linen fabric,  these enclosed white wood boxes have a beaded trim detail and a Stella & Dot plaque on each signature piece.  This box even has a magnetic lid. 

the signature large picture frame 18 x 18 
The display picture frames come in three different sizes, 8 x 10, 12 x 15, and 18 x 18.  They turn your jewelry into art for your walls!  And now, all your jewelry will be easy to find and tangle-free!  This is such a great idea.
the double bracelet bar
Look at how many bracelets this double bracelet bar holds!  I have just ordered two of these to hold my Stella stuff and some of my vintage pieces.  These display bars are sturdy and so versatile for your bedroom, closet or vanity area.
We got a sneak peek of these display pieces a few weeks ago, when we visited Heather's new closet.  Cynthia brought them over for us to use while finalizing the organization of the closet.  
The bracelet bar fits perfectly on the closet shelf.
It's so nice to see all the accessories organized neatly.
For info on ordering these display pieces or any of the fabulous Stella & Dot jewelry or bags, visit Cynthia's Stella and Dot page. 

ciao! fabiana

First three photos and last photo, 
courtesy of Stella & Dot.

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