June 11, 2013

a european influenced contemporary home

Another one of our favorite homes from the Newport Harbor Home & Garden Tour.  This home is built in a contemporary style, but the furnishings have a very timeless European vibe, with interiors by Ebanista.  

A Vespa greets home tour guests.

The second floor is connected by a cat walk.

I love how the dining area, kitchen and outdoor space is all connected. 

The hot tub with one of many fire pits.

Notice the wall of water to the left of the stair way.

"His" closet is gorgeous!

The basement level includes a stunning media room.

An open and elegant space.

Cozy areas are created with 
inviting furniture.

Here is the 3-story wall of water
that trickles quietly down the stone wall.  

The soft and muted master bedroom.

One of the best things about this house
is the connection between 
indoor and outdoor spaces.

For more on the home tour, 
Ciao! Fabiana

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