June 3, 2013

a 1912 beach cottage

This little vintage beach house was built in 1912 from a set of blueprints bought from Sears & Roebuck.  The homeowners restored many aspects of this house, including the hardwood floors, wainscoting and batten board.  It was one of six houses seen on the Newport Harbor Home and Garden Tour in May.

The decor is definitely beachy with a few little french accents thrown in the mix. 

The master bedroom provides the homeowners with priceless views of the beach, the pacific and Catalina Island.

A basket full of pillows is always 
on hand to change things up a bit.

A guest room for the young ones.

The three guest rooms are tucked under the eaves for a cozy feeling. 

Great coastal inspired accents 
adorn the living room.

Vintage black and white photos of 
Newport Beach are hung in a guest room.

For more on this house and four others, please visit

ciao! fabiana


  1. I just LOVE this house! Thanks so much for shairng it with us!

  2. Wow, what a great home. Love the white board and batten and the gorgeous floors. Great pieces and all pulled together so nicely. Thanks so much for sharing all the photos.

  3. You are living my dream!!! I also live in Southern Ca. but in the Inland Empire. We are hoping to move closer to the coast in a couple of years. I grew up at these beaches!
    Your home is stunning. thanks for letting us see what you have done so well!

  4. Love it! Just think back in the old Sears catalog days....you could shop for a house and a house dress at the same time!!
    Thank you for stopping by... glad I found you!

  5. Love this! Will feature it today at Home Sweet Home!

  6. I featured this today at Mod Mix Monday!

  7. Hi neighbor! I'm just north in Huntington Beach. I love that cottage! My grandfather built a Sears home for my mother's family, in North Dakota many years ago. Thanks for the great photos, I'll have to find that house and sneak a peak. It looks like the peninsula, could take me a while, lol.
    Cindy @ sunsetcoasting.blogspot.com

  8. Great post! Just LOVE this house. Sears was amazing years ago.


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