May 12, 2012

the beverly hills hotel ~ celebrating 100 years

The iconic pink and green Beverly Hills Hotel turns 100 today.  

originally the hotel was white

many weddings have taken place here at the BH Hotel, including my best friend, Lisa's

1948: The hotel is painted pink, dubbed the "Pink Palace,"
as part of a redesign during the 1940s by  architect Paul Williams

the famous banana leaf wallpaper is just as iconic as the hotel itself.

the red carpet is rolled out all year  

poolside circa 1950's

the exterior of the hotel was featured on the album cover art
of the 
Eagles' 1976 LP "Hotel California". 

Svend Petersen, the pool manager at the hotel for 42 years, had notably opened up the pool after
 hours for 
The Beatles and taught Faye Dunaway to swim a freestyle crawl for Mommie Dearest.
Faye is pictured here, the morning after she won an Oscar for the film Network in 1976.

one of my favorites, Rita Hayworth posing during the 1940's

Dean Martin and his posse photographed at a wedding (his perhaps)

the sand and pool club opened in 1938

the umbrellas are so cute

Harold Lloyd on the lush hotel grounds

the drive leading to  the hotel is breathtaking

another one of my favorite, Carol Burnett

an Easter egg hunt   

Cesar Romero and Carole Lombard

1942: The  El Jardin restaurant is renamed the
Polo Lounge, in honor of polo players.
 (Marlena Dietrich at the Polo Lounge)

1957: Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall's film "Designing Woman" is shot at hotel's pool, Cabana Club.

Peck and Bacall poolside during a break in filming

1959: Marilyn Monroe  relaxing and on a break,
 while filming  "Let's make love"

Ciao! Fabiana

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