May 27, 2022

5 favorite new gardening books

Gardening is a self-taught hobby for me. My interest and earliest memories come from my father, who always had a small vegetable garden in the backyard.


My most vivid memory of my father’s touch in the garden is when he decided to take the dozens of small lilac seedlings that lined one side of the yard, and plant them straight across the other side of our front yard, creating a living fence between us and our next-door neighbors the LeFleurs.


Those lilac shrubs grew quickly over the years and filled my springs and summers with the sweetest scent. I was surrounded by all the purple and green loveliness that embodies lilacs, and I’ll never forget it!

The spirit of my childhood lilacs was reawakened with the discovery of tis most beautiful book, simply called Lilacs.


From cover to cover, it’s filled with amazing tips, growing methods and best of all glorious pictures. 

Lilacs by Naomi Slade and Georgianna Lane. 

Other similar lovely books include:


Here's a peek at one of the pictures from the Lilac book...

A new portion of my garden that I created in early 2020 has come to be known as the Cottage Garden. It’s where I grow so many of my favorite old-fashioned flowers, mixed in with all kinds of herbs, kale, an apple tree, a lemon tree and even several tomato plants.


Have you ever heard of growing tomatoes together with sunflowers? The sunflowers grow tall and strong and become the perfect stake to hold tomatoes up, and best of all they’re the best companion plants.

I've grown all the sunflowers and tomatoes from seeds, so it's been a really fun process to see them grow so quickly.

That’s why you can never stop learning with gardening. There’s always so much to discover!


I’ve been delving into to a few other amazing gardening books over the past few months, and I want to share them all with you now:



Containers in the Garden by Claus Dalby has incredible inspiration. Claus is one of my favorites to follow on Instagram, so I was thrilled when I found out he had come out with a brand-new book!


He’s written over 30 gardening books and is considered to be the foremost gardening expert of Denmark. Not only does he create beautiful planted containers, he also has the most amazing gardens and makes gorgeous floral arrangements.


I really get inspired by all Claus’ seasonal and holiday displays too. Check him out here on Instagram and on YouTube.   



ciao! fabiana



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You can check out some of my other favorite books here 








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