April 8, 2022

bringing spring flowers indoors

Springtime can best be described as the time when flowers just explode on to the scene. It’s the start of a new journey into the year, so why not bring the loveliness of flowers inside into your home?


This new sideboard in the living room is large enough to hold lots of my favorite spring blooms. 

These are varieties I found at Trader Joe’s:  Stock, Hyacinths and Lilacs. My own garden is getting ready to pop, but I can’t grow Lilacs here, so this is a real treat.

Pretty soon my garden will have lots of roses, hydrangeas, foxgloves and other cottage flowers for making arrangements. I can't wait!

What do you grow in your garden?



And of course, large pitchers are one of my all-time favorite ways to display flowers. It makes arranging them so effortless. These are all ones I picked up at thrift stores.

This large wall of mirrors is made up entirely of pieces that I either thrifted, found on the curb or inherited. I painted most of them soft neutral shades to harmonize together.


And speaking of paint, and lots of it... please stop by over the weekend when I share how I totally transformed this sideboard that I found on Craig’s List. It's been perfect for holding all my props and flea market treasures.




ciao! fabiana



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