September 5, 2016

hilton head curb appeal

Sea Pines Plantation is a lovely community on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It’s a great getaway from the west coast, and I really enjoy some of the gorgeous architectural style in our neighborhood. 

Most of my favorite homes are traditional in style with shutters on the windows, crisp brickwork and wrought iron details. The shady home above is across the street from where we stay.

This home is a few doors down. I love the transitional space between the garage and home. The back side of this home faces the lagoon, where you will definitely see the local alligators swim by daily. 

All the homes have subtle natural color palettes that blend into the lush forest surroundings. Of course, I love the look of the grayed shingles with the dark shutters!

Located near the Sea Pines Country Club, this home is  on one of my favorite roads. The live oak trees draped in spanish moss create a tunnel effect. 

Here's a view through the courtyard of a neighboring beachfront home. This one is designed in the traditional and historical lowcountry style that has first floors raised off the ground to keep out floodwaters and allow cool ocean breezes under the house. 

A stately beachfront house with a gorgeous front door and lots of palmettos, oaks and vines to keep it shady, this home towers above the street and is one of my all-time faves!

This is the walk to the beach from this home. The back side of this house is on one of the most amazing beaches on the island.

One of my favorite places for breakfast is the Harbour Town Bakery and Café. Not only is the food yummy, but the charming atmosphere of the brick fireplaces, hardwood floors and other vintage details inside the quaint cottage is so cozy! 

The structure, originally built around 1880 as a home for the lighthouse keeper, has great historical appeal, and my favorite spot to eat is on their front porch which has great views of the Harbour Town playground and old oak trees. 

ciao! fabiana

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