February 7, 2016

trinket trays and plates

I like to gather small plates and dishes and use them as trinket trays for jewelry, keys, spare change, and anything else we may set down at the front door.  These pretty glass trays, with great quotes and designs, are some of my favorites.  They have pretty curled up corners and look great just about anywhere.  I have a small one on my desk to set my rings and earrings on, you know how you have to take off earrings sometimes, when you’re on the phone? These are perfect for that!  I also have one in my bathroom to hold my jewelry while I’m in the shower. Where do you set down your jewelry? 

 Let me know which one of these you would pick!       

ciao! fabiana


  1. I currently set my jewelry in a soap dish in the bathroom. I could use something bigger thanks for a great idea! I would choose "Fashion Changes but Style Endures" It is such a true statement! Second choice "Hello Gorgeous" Third choice the heart shaped "Love" plate.

  2. Hello - I would pick the coco channel dish first choice!! The clock dish second.... I do love them all.... :)


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