October 10, 2013

a collection of blue and white plates

After collecting Blue and White plates 
for over 25 years, 
my collection has overwhelmed 
my walls and cupboards, 
and I've decided to part with a few favorites. 

Here's a ready-to-hang collection 
of unique vintage plates that need a loving home. 

Check out my listing on ebay.

 Here's a little extra added inspiration...

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
ciao newport beach 


Anne said...

I love blue-and-white plates! The are so pretty. Ones like these will probably go on the top shelf in my new dining room cabinets when they have been built.
Hope all goes great with your ebay sale!

Lisette said...

Love the cupboard!

Barbara Sawyer said...

How is the best way to hang plates on the wall?

Fabiana said...

Hi Barbara. My favorite way to display plates is with metal plate holders, available at most hardware stores. They come in a few different sizes and work great!

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