September 7, 2013

5 gorgeous homes in Newport Beach

A vintage 1912 beachfront cottage 
that offers the best of this century and last, 
with priceless views of the Pacific.

With school starting this week, a few of us moms that are on the Newport Harbor Home andGarden Tour committee are already at work scouting out new homes for the next home tour in May. 

Don't think it's all hard work and no play, this group is creative, hard-working and fun! And even though we are all volunteers, we take our roles seriously. 

If you haven't been on the tour, check out our website here for all the details. Here are five of our gorgeous homes from last year.

A traditional seaside inspired home influenced by the style of Nantucket.

A modern, industrial style home

 with the feel of a mountain resort.


A blend of custom contemporary and “timeless” French provincial.

An eastern seaboard-style home 

with an elegant California beach vibe.

Which one’s your favorite?

ciao!  fabiana


  1. I have seen that first home in a couple of books and magazines with various changes. I love it. It is so charming and relatable (even if I can't live right on the beach). I am so sorry that I missed the tour this year, but I will be back next year. Kudos to all the wonderful homeowners and volunteers. Maddie

  2. Number one is my fav because of the size. Number four is also a fav because of the style. Can I do a mash up of the two?? Lovely!!

  3. I have actually ridden past #1 on a bike ride! But #5 has to be my favorite...from the exterior to the gorgeous interior. Perfection!

  4. You are so great for your volunteer efforts...and for making this a wonderful community.

  5. The eastern seaboard one is my definite favorite!


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