October 12, 2011

Kim & Kyle

I just love the synchronicity of this picture.  

It cracks me up!

For you RHOBH fans out there, what do you think about this season so far? It seems a bit staged to me, especially the scenes with Lisa and the engagement story line and all her restaurants. She hasn't really been involved with the other gals at all. 

Game night and the other parties would have been a lot more fun with her in the mix. I hold my breath every time Kim comes around, just hoping she's ok. I'm rooting for her. And, what do you think about Kyle so far? Mean girl or not? I'd love to hear what you all think...  

ciao! fabiana


  1. Don't have that show here in Norway....But I love your blog!

    The Halloween-post is a steal! I would love to make a repost for my readers if that is ok with you. Of course with a link to you :)

  2. Love Real housewives!



  3. I think Kyle has definitely been catty and Kim has been loopy but I still like Kyle. Not sure about Brandi yet, I do like that she is not easily intimidated, can't wait til next week!


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