July 20, 2013

Greystone Mansion Gardens

The historic Greystone Mansion is located on a beautiful hillside in Beverly Hills with magnificent views of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills and beyond.  Also known as the Doheny estate, this 19th Century English Revival style home was finshed in 1928, and includes formal Italian and English gardens, koi ponds, fountains and waterfalls . 

A tall alley of cypress trees and lavender framed 
by cascading stone fountains and tall arches.

The inner courtyard with circular fountain in the center.


The koi and turtle Reflection Pond.

Spectacular view of the city of angels.

A glass sculpture in another pond in the lower garden.

A small waterfall emptying into the koi pond.

Looking towards the Cypress Walk and small fountain.

For more history and visiting info,
 please check Greystone Mansion and  facebook. 

ciao! Fabiana

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