May 19, 2022

a favorite new upcycled sideboard


I love a good DIY total transformation project, so today I’m finally sharing this favorite one I completed back in December. Thank goodness for loads and loads of white chalk paint, because this sideboard was covered in red paint from top to bottom.


Every surface including every inch of the drawers, the back of the piece, and even the bottom of this piece was sprayed with the brightest and thickest layers of red paint.


First, I removed the glass doors, because what I was really after for this piece was open shelving to house some of my props and favorite styling pieces.


Found on Craigslist, this sideboard was the exact size I needed for the room, and I could see through all the red paint to visualize what I truly wanted.


I also removed the handles, that were totally the wrong style and replaced them with chunky wooden knobs. A little wood filler patched up the holes in the drawers, and I drilled new ones for the new hardware.

Lastly, of course, I painted it with a soft white "Chalked" Paint. It took me several days to get at least five coats of paint on this piece, but I'm thrilled with the results. 


Now this piece is right at home with the rest of my furnishings and the roomy drawers and shelves hold so much! The top is also a great place to display some of my favorite collectables and acquisitions.


It’s also been pretty enough to be a “homey” background for some of my photo stylings. This is one of my latest shots of the new Seaside Collection from Pacific & Rose.


This sarong and all the other lovely home goods will be available on the website and at Seaside Gallery this weekend.


This Wave Pillow is one of my favorite new products and you saw it here first! It will be available at Seaside Gallery this weekend as well. This new Seaside Collection just arrived from India and is soooo perfect for summer.


Please check back on Monday, and I’ll have the whole collection featured for you to see. In addition to the Anchors and Waves, there’s also a fun Crab print and an elegant Palm print!

Doesn't this pillow look so pretty with the new and improved painted sideboard?

Here’s how this look came together. Everything is so budget friendly in this room. I have a few inherited pieces that I love, and I did splurge just before Christmas on a new white sofa, but even that was found at a consignment store!


Wishing you a lovely weekend, and I’ll look forward to seeing you again on Monday for all the latest on the gorgeous new Seaside Collection!



ciao! fabiana



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