September 29, 2018

a festive september tablescape

I’ve got two different sets of chairs that I like to switch out between my dining room and kitchen nook. These white Windsor chairs started out life as brown oak chairs, but when I got my hands on them for only $10 each, I quickly painted them white.

And those aren’t the only thrifted finds that I’m featuring here at my September tablescape. You see, there are quite a few little treasures pictured here.

This pretty plaid throw was found a few weeks ago and the soft blue and tan pattern is so perfect for my house and brings in just the right amount of fall character.

You may have noticed the new centerpiece of the room. This large lantern-like glass house with the weathervane on top was found just a couple of days ago at one of my favorite thrift stores.  

I’ve filled it with white pillar candles and lots of white “baby boo” pumpkins. Guess how much I paid for it?

Well, it didn’t have a price, so an employee marked it at $9.99, and when I got to the register, it was 20% off! I couldn’t believe that price, since it's quite large.

The center of the table is left quite simple with one large gray-blue pumpkin in the middle, smaller little pumpkins at each side and a few eucalyptus twigs to soften thing up.

This sort of table will look great from September all the way through the end of November.

I guess some of us are ready for a catnap…

ciao! fabiana

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  1. Love your table settings. I never would have thought to use a throw. So pretty. Where did you find those cute pumpkin plates? I love them.

    1. Hi thank you so much. I found a set of 4 of these pumpkin plates at TJ Maxx - Home Goods. They have a few different varieties but I really liked the off white colored pumpkims.


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