September 22, 2014

does leopard print ever go out of style?

Audrey Hepburn

Luscious leopard has been
a sophisticated fashion statement
in every decade of the 20th century,
and it’s still going strong in this century. 

How do you feel about leopard

Do you like a little or a lot?

Catherine Deneuve  
Marilyn Monroe
Gene Tierney
Barbara Stanwick
Jack Lemmon in "Some like it Hot"
Jane Russell  
Lucy's Ethel
Elizabeth Taylor
Brigitte Bardot
Sophia Loren
Grace Kelly
Jacqueline Kennedy
Joan Collins
Ursula Andress
Natalie Wood
Carolyn Bessette
Kate Moss
Elle Macpherson
Olivia Palermo

ciao! fabiana


  1. It certainly never does for me! I love it and have many different wardrobe pieces of it, from a full coat, to blouses, to shoes/ankle boots, to a lovely warm winter hat. Of course, I only ever wear one single piece at a time, but I never fail to get compliments and admiring glances while wearing leopard/animal print, (definitely mostly leopard though), and I feel great while doing so. BTW I am a 51 year old woman just FYI. It is elegant and chic and a great neutral for me.

  2. PS I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  3. I hope it NEVER goes out of fashion. I would be devastated! Simply devasteated! And nearly naked, bt that's beside the point!

  4. Great Post. nice to visit and walk :)


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