February 11, 2014

so in love with leopard right now

I am so in love with leopard right now
that I wanted to bring
 in a realistic and velvety leopard
print into my home.  

We used some of these 
pinterest pics as inspiration.

With the help of my talented friend Marion,
we chose just the perfect fabric. 

I had a ball today selecting fabrics
for my antique day bed.

Marion with European Flair has
the best variety of fabrics around town
and she has a great sense of style!
We’re going with the bold leopard,
tiffany blue, and ivory linen.  

Marion's fabric showroom
This is the day bed.  The cushion and bolsters will be done in the ivory linen.
We'll have to accent pillow in the leopard 

and a tiffany blue pillow in the center.

here are the winners!


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