May 31, 2011

IKEA jewelry display cabinet

re-purposing a glass cabinet
Mine has glass sides and shows off necklaces perfectly
We purchased a GREVBÄCK glass-door cabinet from IKEA about six years ago to display my son's Lego collection.  Well, fast forward to 2011, and the Lego's are out, and we have ourselves  cabinet without a purpose, until...I was inspired by watching one of the Real House Wives shows.  One of the  "wives" had all her necklaces and costume jewelry hung on cup hooks in her closet area.  I took that idea and incorporated it into the six foot tall IKEA cabinet.  Now I can see all my necklaces at once, and they don't get tangled.  It's quick and easy to find what I am looking for. 

I think it would look better painted a fun color.  What  do you think?
Ciao!  Fabiana

May 27, 2011

looking forward to the weekend

my inspiraton for the weekend...

A Tuscan style lunch by Carolyne Roehm

with all my favorite antipasti,
parmesan cheese, green olives, and fresh salami

I think we will try a Skinnygirl Frangelini this weekend. 

Bethenny has a bunch of new Skinnygirl recipes out, and I'm already a big fan of her margaritas. Check out Bethenny for more fun drink recipes.

May 25, 2011

back yard mini make-over

a work in progress...

We just finished a mini make-over
of our patio and pool area,
and now comes the fun part,


The photos I took are a work in progress. 

I'm currently looking for a
7-8 foot long rectangular dining table
and am having cushions made in Sunbrella's Sand color. 

Pillows will be muted shades of blues, greens and tans. 
 I need all the inspiration I can get.  
I'd love to hear your suggestions! 

I think a bright punch of color would be fun...

lambs ears, thyme, and succulents

wating for a cushion
and solid colored throw pillows

Master-mason, Randy Speer,
helped us create 
the plan we had imagined,
we're so happy with the results!  

He added the fire pit in a dark gray concrete finish
and built a new counter to match for our bbq station.

an area for barstools now
Now we have room for four bar stools.  
He also poured a new patio area 
for our lounge chairs that previously was an small, 
unused patch of grass. 
And, one of favorite parts of the make-over 
was getting rid of a large brick planter 
that was between our house and bbq. 

the former grassy area.

In its place, we built a zig-zagged brick seating area
that I call my little "Laguna Cafe". 
It was inspired by all the quirky and fun brick work
and styles I love seeing in Laguna Beach. 

I added two small granite and iron cafe tables,
and a vintage wrought iron sign
that we found at an antique store in Pismo Beach. 

backyard buddies

ciao! fabiana

May 19, 2011

a windy day in newport

the balboa peninsula

local hangouts 

come down to newport soon...
there's so much to see and do! 
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